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PAUP * 4.0 (Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony (and Other Methods)) is a popular phylogenetic software.  If you’re in this field of work, you’ve likely have used it or have at least heard of it before.  If you want to use PAUP and you have an Intel Mac, you’ll have to resort to the command line version of the program.  This is because the GUI (Graphical User Interface) version of PAUP only runs in older Macs with PPC processors (i.e. G3, G4, G5).

The nice thing about GUI version of PAUP is you can print your trees as a PICT file and you can import it into Word and other Adobe programs to edit it and polish it for a publication.  In the GUI version, it is much easier and faster to set up your phylogenetic analyses compared to the command line version.  I think everyone will agree with me here.

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