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Gustav Fiers (The Gentleman)

10 outubro, 2014

Who's Who

Gustav FiersAnother recurring character from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 today, despite he’s quite a surprise in his own right. At the end of the first The Amazing Spider-Man, doctor Curt Connor is visited in jail by a mysterious figure, known only as “The Man in the Shadows“, who tells him Norman Osborn has got some plans in store for Peter Parker. The character’s identity has been a mystery until now…and he’s not someone anybody was expecting: Michael Massee is finally credited as Gustav Fiers, and he once again appears just for a few minutes, promising further developement for both the character and the general storyline. This time, Fiers visits Harry Osborn in prison, updating him on the state recruitment of his new team: while he visits a secret section of Oscorp, we clearly see some very known equipment: Rhino‘s armor, Doctor Octopus‘s…

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